AquaTech Solution
Freshwater/Marine Aquarium, Pond, and Reptile Supplies

Distributor of Ocean Free, Aqua Zonic, Classica, Reptilepro, Ponddpro, RevoReef, Azoo, Azoo Plus & Nature Gro aquarium and pet supplies

Ocean Free Hydra Filters

Whether you have a pond or an aquarium big or small, Ocean Free Hydra, Hydra Filtron, or Hydra Stream filters provide the ultimate filtering for the quality and clarity of your water.


Arowana Lights and Supplies

We have a whole range of Ocean Free, Aqua Zonic, and Classica lights, accessories, and medications for your prize arowana.


Ocean Free 3rd Generation Yellow Powder

Ocean Free 3rd Generation Yellow Powder is easily the most effective yellow powder on the market for both internal and external fish diseases.

Azoo Koi and Fish food

We carry a wide range of Azoo quality fish food for your pond or aquarium needs.


Azoo Plus Water Treatments

 A new premium level of aquarium additives for the prime nutritional needs of your tropical fish.

Reptilepro Accessories for reptiles, turtles, & amphibians

A range of platforms, heaters, and lamps are available for your reptilian pets.

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